About Us

The Whole Earth restaurant is located on Sridonchai Road at the corner of the night market street, a shopping district at night of Chiang Mai. The restaurant is settled in the middle of several tourist attractions and in the city center. At the Whole Earth, any customers can easily stop by to experience original and well-prepared authentic Thai and Indian cuisines of the vegetarian and the non-vegetarian.

The Whole Earth restaurant proudly represents a combined dining experience between two cultures of traditional Thai and Ayurvedic Indian cuisines through its creative menu selections ranging from drinks, appetizers, main courses and desserts to customers for their enlightened minds and blissful souls.

Featured in traditional Thai-styled house and surrounded by enchanting garden, the Whole Earth restaurant has been welcoming customers from around the world for more than 35 years with its excellent experiences, its signature cuisines, its impressing hospitality of Northern Chiang Mai and its warm-welcomed customer service.

The foundation of the Whole Earth restaurant was originated back in 1970 and first became a home of the transcendental meditation in Chiang Mai. Not only did it offer a transcendental meditation but also provided various vegetarian menu dishes. The Whole Earth restaurant, at that time, was the first vegetarian place in the city.

The Whole Earth restaurant has been pursuing the notions of eating for enlightenment and of promoting vegetarian foods for world peace by obtaining a philosophy and a mission of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The following is what customers can experience from the Whole Earth restaurant.

Every fiber of food we eat has its potentiality of cosmic intelligence. No matter what we eat, a stressed physiology will not make the best of it. However, eating when being free from stress creates more valuable chemistries that produce better, evaluate greater perception. They make more charming objects along with appreciation growths. This eating produces more love which in turn cultures the heart” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Therefore, the restaurant team strongly believes that peaceful eating among stress-free environments regenerates progressions of world peace, harmony, happiness and development of potentialities to the individuals, the societies, the nations and the world.

Vegetarian Cuisine

Vegetarianism dominates most menu selections at the Whole Earth restaurant and vegetarian cuisine is considered the purest diet for human being. This potentiality is called “cosmic intelligence”. It suggests that the pure nutrition of vegetarian foods dramatically affects every part of human’s body system and greatly gives results of enlightenment, appreciation and joy when people are eating and sharing foods together in a stress-free environment.

A lot more than just diet of nature, these fiber intelligences also benefit and nourish health, mind, or even nation and world. Vegetarian Thai and Indian dishes at the Whole Earth restaurant, therefore, are not only a satisfaction of food quality and a happiness of having shared memorable meals but also a culture of world peace in everyone’s heart.

Indian Cuisine

India is a land of richness in histories, cultures, beliefs and cuisines. With its unique characters of extensive use and aroma of spices, herbs and vegetables, Indian cuisines directly influence most dish selections at the Whole Earth restaurant.

Ayurvedic practice, for example, is an ancient medicine of longevity which relates to an eternal life. It is also an element of Indian cuisine which can be found through vegetables, fibers and spices. Many vegetarian practitioners believe that a blissful and immortal life comes from consuming vegetarian foods.

The Whole Earth restaurant, in consequence, proudly creates wellness menu selections, brings this perception of ancient tradition of Ayurveda to its customers with dedication and joy and the resataurant also represents the Nation of India, its cultures, its heritages, its philosophies and its people though the foods offered on the menu.

Thai Cuisine

Thailand is a land of smile with flavorsome foods and delicacies. Having received a cultural manifestation from India through its cuisines such as curries, spices and herbs, Thai foods are considered not only tasty but also succulent and healthy.

The Whole Earth restaurant offers customers great desirable ranges of Thai cuisines with alternatives of the vegetarian and the non-vegetarian dishes. Moreover, customers will find some unique menu items with the incomparable ingredients and the harmonized balances of acidity, sweetness, spiciness, saltiness and mineral of Thai gastronomy.

Whether lunch, dinner or other special events, customers will not only enjoy unique, spiritual and flavorsome dishes but also experience friendly staff members of trained service professionals along with a great pleasure and a memorable moment of delight.

The dinning room can host any customers up to 50 persons with outside veranda spaces with the maximum of 30 guests. Additional outdoor dinning service is located in a beautiful garden where it can welcome any customers more than 80 persons. However, the garden dining is seasonally available from September to May. If you have any questions, suggestions, or need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the restaurant representatives at anytime.